The Farm by Shawn Mohr

My thanks to So The Story Goes for sharing my work with their readers! You can check out the latest from my Mid-century deviants here!

So The Story Goes

If you follow the popular blog Literotica, you may have seen a couple of Shawn Mohr‘s erotic shorts published there recently. In his short The Diner, we’re introduced to Irma, a lonely waitress who feels trapped in both her life and job, and Robert, a mysterious man who enters Irma’s life bringing with him the escape she longs for.

We quickly fell in love with his characters, and as other readers have expressed, we too were eager to know what happens next in the tale of Irma and Robert. Shawn has delivered with his follow up, The Farm. Even better – he’s shared this exclusive, never before seen short with So The Story Goes and now we get to share it with you! *Note: This story is NSFW

The Farm

Robert smiled quietly as they cruised into the sunset. He kept his strong right arm around Irma’s slender…

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