Copyrights and other such things

Some really cool thoughts on publishing, self-publishing, and digital sharing!

J T Weaver

One of my very favorite record albums of all time is Sgt. Peppers.  I bought it in the fall of 1967 and played it until the vinyl groves melted away.  Eventually I had to buy the record again.  When I got my first car, I made sure it had one piece of optional equipment, an AM-FM radio.  However, I soon found out that what I really wanted was to listen to Sgt. Peppers.  So, I bought an 8-track tape player and among other tapes, I got Sgt. Peppers.

A few years went by, I got a new and car that had a cassette tape player in it.  Of course, I still wanted my Sgt. Peppers during my commute so I bought the cassette tape for it.  I think that car stereo was the first time I really heard the songs properly.  Then a few years later I bought a car…

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