I played the latest expansion for the board game of A Game of Thrones this weekend. Here’s a few of my thoughts on the new A Feast for Crows expansion:

“While the vast majority of the game remains the same, we played a specific four-player variation which changed the experience in some interesting ways. First off, the southern part of the continent is out of play. I liked that this reflects the focus in the novel on the central and northern regions at this point in the story. Secondly, new objectives were created to provide a different experience of the game. These objective cards are given out to each player, and their house has a standing objective. Whenever a round resolves in which you have achieved an objective, you advance along the path to victory. The third major difference was in the time it takes to play the game. The expansion is much faster, which I feel makes it more accessible.”


Please stop by Geeky Universe to read the whole thing here:  http://www.geekyuniverse.com/the-game-of-thrones-game-a-gamers-game/


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