From the Road. . .

Here’s an excerpt from my piece Drive:

Steph felt ridiculous getting undressed without Renee’s attention. The flush came to her pale cheeks as she pulled her tight jeans off. She had wanted to be playful, bending over and showing Renee the round swell of her ass. She wanted his pulse to race and his cock to harden at the sight of her. He nodded at the dashboard completing his tinkering, then returned his gaze out the passenger’s side window. Steph wanted to scream for his attention. The frustration and humiliation mixed with the desire inside her, amplifying it. She ran her fingers over the lacy black padded bra she wore, and looked down at her chest, smiling at the way her breasts looked in the lingerie. She licked her lips as she unclasped her bra and let it fall into her left hand. Her rich brown nipples hardened instantly, and she couldn’t help but to give one a soft twist.

You can check out the whole thing here:


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